Crunch Signature Gyms: Where Fitness is a Lifestyle

Crunch Signature Gyms: Where Fitness is a Lifestyle

June 26, 2023

Every year, more and more people realize that fitness isn’t temporary: it’s a lifestyle. At our Signature locations, we lean into this philosophy by making our gym a place you want to go instead of feeling like you have to. While this means cutting-edge facilities and an uncompromising dedication to service, it also means bringing together a community of driven go-getters who work hard in and out of the gym.

Although there will always be room at Crunch Fitness for casual gym-goers, we know that a premium gym membership should come with premium benefits.

What Sets Our Signature Locations Apart

With our Signature program, we knew that our premium locations needed to offer something more than what most big-box gyms bring to the table. That’s why we spared no expense in designing the best gym experience the industry has to offer. At each Crunch Signature, you’ll enjoy access to membership benefits such as:

woman with personal trainer

State-of-the-Art Equipment

While all of Crunch Fitness’s locations use top-end equipment, our Signature facilities take this quality one step further with the addition of the best machines, free weights, and cardio equipment the fitness industry has to offer.

For members who love resistance training, our professional-grade Olympic lifting platforms and bumper plates will help you hit PR after PR. If cardio is more your style, our Woodway treadmills offer cutting-edge shock absorption and high-def screens to let you run, jog, or walk with comfort. Finally, specialty equipment like our Booty Builder hip thrust machines matches or exceeds any equipment you’ll find at other gyms.

Regardless of what your routine looks like, the investment we make into our Signature facilities means that you’ll never lack the resources and challenges you need to keep pushing ahead, one day after the next.

Full-Service Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are where you begin and end each workout, so they should offer everything you need to warm up or cool down. At our Signature locations, we spared no expense to bring you the full-service experience you deserve, with perks such as:

Premium Amenities

With your Signature membership, there’s no more hauling shampoos or body wash back and forth in your gym bag. Instead, our full-service locker rooms come equipped with everything you need to feel refreshed after a hard workout, from mouthwash to blow-dryers and straightening irons.

Towel Service

Premium facilities require premium cleanliness, which is why we offer comprehensive towel service to all Signature members. Whether you’re drying off after a steam or wiping down equipment, our freshly-laundered towels have you covered.

women in sauna


Even more than their stress-relieving properties, a good sauna can improve cardiovascular health, oxygenate blood and muscle tissue, and reduce soreness after intense workouts. That’s why our Crunch Signature gyms come standard with top-of-the-line sauna facilities.

Steam Rooms

For those looking to improve breathing, loosen stiff muscles and joints, or even clear congested sinuses, the carefully-controlled humidity of a steam room can provide a world of relief. Just like our sauna facilities, each Signature location maintains advanced steam rooms for our members’ enjoyment.

On-Site Shops

Sometimes you get to the gym only to realize that you didn’t take your pre-workout, or perhaps your lifting gloves have begun to tear. Maybe you just finished an especially challenging lifting session and want a delicious protein shake instead of mixing your own at home. In those cases, our Signature gyms offer on-site shops for a variety of needs.

Upgraded Facilities

Everyone loves a spa day, and our luxury amenities help recreate that experience. Still, we know that you didn’t get a gym membership just to relax; you got it to put in work. To help, we reinvest your membership fees to constantly innovate and improve our fitness facilities. Most recently, our Signature locations expanded to include features such as:

Dedicated Studio Spaces

While most Crunch locations offer rooms for cycling classes or yoga, our Signature facilities take this one step further with consistent, dedicated studio spaces designed with performance in mind.

In order to meet changing expectations and demands, each Signature location tailors these studio spaces to what its members want most. If you’re wondering what your nearby Signature gyms offer, drop by for a complimentary tour or call for more answers.

HIITzone Training Areas

One of the most exciting improvements in our Signature locations is their dedicated HIITzone training areas. With top-quality turf for sled drills, an extensive array of functional training equipment, and extra space to keep you moving, our top-down upgrades will push these already-intense classes to the next level.

ride class

Unlimited Group Classes

No matter which membership package you choose, all Signature location members enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of Crunch’s group fitness classes. From our iconic series of Ride cycling classes to our gravity-defying Aerial Yoga, pulse-pounding Cardio Tai Box, and super-toning pole dancing, Signature members can mix up their routines with an endless combination of new challenges.

To help take the edge off of your busy schedule, our Signature locations also offer an online reservation system to make sure you never miss out on your favorite classes.

The Signature Experience

Beyond the state-of-the-art equipment, unlimited group classes, and even personal training, we know that nothing does more to improve a workout than the right environment. And, just like the no judgments environment we offer at all Crunch locations, our Signature facilities work tirelessly to give you the atmosphere you need to get hyped, get pumped, and get moving.

Whether it’s our live DJ-driven night classes, community-building events, or our latest group fitness class, you can rest assured that your Signature membership means we’ll never stop working to give you the most value possible. If you’re interested in making the jump, take a look at our location tracker to find a Signature location near you.

Crunch’s group fitness classes and personal trainers promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It is an environment built for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now.

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