What has been your greatest accomplishment at Crunch?

What has been your greatest accomplishment at Crunch?

April 12, 2024

Tara Crosby, District Sales Manager: Leaving a club in a better condition and a better position to succeed than when I first arrived – whether it’s the people. the revenue, or the customer service, and building great and lasting relationships with colleagues.

Juan M. Villafranca, Operations Manager: Earning the title of OM of the Year 2023, helping with club openings and acquisition, and creating a class environment where members become friends with each other outside the gym.

Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager: Being able to make real physical equipment changes for clubs, including layouts, equipment brands, and design, while both educating and advocating for club staff requests.

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On behalf of Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor

Sarah Sung, Group Fitness Instructor: Creating a class environment where members become friends with each other outside the gym.

Bishop Garland, Group Fitness Instructor: Remaining relevant and being able to stay on top of my game.

Andre Cravens, Crunch Group Fitness Manager: Teaching and watching my students accomplish goals and beyond.

Victoria Fernans-Moore, Group Fitness Instructor: Being 64 and still dancing! Learning so many different types of classes to teach had been a great accomplishment – Surfset & Perfect Posture were some of my favorites. I appreciate that Donna C allowed me to teach yoga in the 90s before it was mainstream, and that led me to take five teacher trainings and earn status in Anusara Yoga.

Louis Rosales, District Sales Manager: There were many personal accomplishments, including being a top salesperson for many years and securing many awards. However, the achievement that means more to me is seeing people being promoted who worked with me.

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On behalf of Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor

Sarina Jain, Group Fitness Instructor: My greatest accomplishment was teaching my Tuesday classes at Crunch, which were the same classes for 20 years. It was always Step, TBC, and then Masala Bhangra. No matter what gym I got transferred to, we stuck to this schedule for a Tuesday night.

Patty Yuen, Group Fitness Instructor: I attribute my ability to dance, box, and teach 100% to Crunch.

Ronni Carlier, Group Fitness Instructor: Staying fit and sharing positive energy with the members so that they had the support they needed to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Carolyn Divone, Sr. Director, Operational / Informational Systems: Developing a self-serve tablet to provide the members ease in managing their memberships. Another achievement has been empowering our employees by certifying them in the American Red Cross CPR / AED / First Aid course to help save lives – we saved another life recently in one of our clubs.

Liz Barkan, Group Fitness Instructor: Some achievements include the Indoor Cycling Ride Program, the opportunity to educate others through various class formats, the incredible relationships, and the ability to change a person’s mood, and boost their confidence.

Carole Steinhäuser, Operations Manager: While there have been numerous milestones throughout my tenure at Crunch, my proudest accomplishment remains my personal and professional growth. From starting as a substitute instructor to managing clubs and navigating through unprecedented challenges like the pandemic, each experience has honed my skills and boosted my confidence. Whether it’s negotiating with stakeholders or leading a team and members through facility renovations, I’ve emerged stronger and more resilient, ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

crunch employees
On behalf of Juan M. Villafranca, Operations Manager

Amita Balla, Vice President, Brand Excellence: Forming Leadership9 and developing people has been a huge accomplishment. I have been very lucky to get to work with really smart capable leaders. I am also really proud of how much we are accomplishing and creating in Brand Excellence.

John Merrion, Director of Sales: Selling 1500+ Franchise rights which equates to all open clubs in the U.S.

Clifford Hahn, Group Fitness Instructor: Surviving 25 years of growing, learning, becoming an amazing instructor, having loads of fun, and meeting many wonderful people – from those who run the clubs to the members.

Beth Jo Phillips, Group Fitness Instructor: Still filling the Ride room and kicking some derrières at 60+ years old.

Frank Pasquale, Vice President, Sales: Building a team that performs at a very high level with consistency. Watching the nucleus take shape, grow, and master their craft is what still gets me fired up all these years later.

Ellen Spivak, Group Fitness Instructor: Having the same enthusiasm, drive, and desire to teach at my highest level after 23 years! Being open to learning new modalities, which I have done over the years, and expanding my teaching repertoire has been a big achievement throughout the years. I am a “team player” and might have subbed more than almost anyone – I love subbing!

Colin Kim, Group Fitness Instructor: Some of the stand-out accomplishments include a letter of commendation from our then-CEO back in Feb. 2017, a company-wide commendation from our then Director of Group Fitness in Jan. 2018, and the many Crunch students who have gone on to become teachers and open their own fitness and yoga centers, among many other wins. Between the star-studded clientele roster, including Charlize Theron (3 years), Nicole Kidman (10 years), Queen Latifah, and Lucy Liu, and the trust in Crunch and the ability to develop both physically and emotionally, I’ve had the opportunity to explore things I may have never encountered or considered before.

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On behalf of Dianne Clemente, Equipment & Projects Manager

Taz Shirota, Master Trainer: I luckily joined the training team back in 2003 as the youngest, least experienced trainer who had no idea how to sell fitness. I used to follow my two superiors around the gym all day soaking up everything I could. My FM had seven years of experience in the field and the senior trainer had ten. I remember thinking to myself that I’d love to get there one day. Since that point, I never looked back. I’ve broken almost every production record at Embarcadero at a high margin before its closure.

Zuta Gilchriest, Group Fitness Instructor: My greatest accomplishment was my journey from being a Crunch member (NYC) for many years who loved taking group fitness classes to becoming a group fitness instructor and eventually group fitness director (NY). Along the way, I had the opportunity to lead many different styles/formats of classes, appear on national television, and meet a lot of amazing Crunchers and humans along the way.

Michelle Opperman, Group Fitness Regional Director: I have had so many amazing opportunities at Crunch but I think sharing the stage at IDEA World Fit with Marc and Craig for my first time teaching dance representing Crunch and the movie launch FAME at one of the (at the time) coolest conventions was such an honor.

Kirstin Williams, Group Fitness Instructor: Working with Michelle O. when we were beginning to teach anti-gravity yoga at Crunch. Michelle and I worked so hard to get the moves and teach Crunch members with love and passion, and today, we still create new ways to move in the hammock.

Sugen Ramos, District Fitness Manager: Seeing so many people that I have helped develop grow into leadership positions.

Randi Zinker, Corporate Accounts Manager: In May 2012, I broke the company sales record and won Yankees tickets. Also won the summer contest in 2014 — Viva Las Vegas!

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