January 3, 2024

Take your yoga practice to the next level in this combination of yoga-based flexibility and hard-core strength. Start by introducing a sequence of poses “UNLOADED” without weights, and then take it to the next level as you “LOAD” the same sequence with dumbbells for a challenge that demands control from both the mind and body.

Why Try Loaded Yoga?

Loaded Yoga strengthens muscles, improves balance, increases flexibility, and sculpts the entire body. By moving through a sequence of postures without weight, then “LOADING” that same sequence using dumbbells, the muscles develop better control throughout the sequence.

What Is Loaded Yoga Like?

Loaded Yoga is a 30-minute mind/body class designed to improve flexibility, strength, balance and control. First, each flow sequence is introduced and practiced. Next, add dumbbells to LOAD the sequence for a new expression of control and strength. Each sequence wraps up with a 30-second core challenge burner.

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Who Are Loaded Yoga Classes Best For?

Vinyasa flow yoga plus strength training equals a match made in time-maximized heaven. Strength devotees can experience the fluidity of yoga and improved range of motion and balance while dedicated yogis can experience strength gains and increased bone density. It’s a win-win!

Is Loaded Yoga a Good Workout?

Loaded Yoga takes the mind/body flow of yoga and levels up by adding weights for strength and control. Loaded Yoga recruits more muscle fibers by moving the weights in patterns not typically found in your average strength class.  You’ll boost your metabolism and bone density, plus amp up your flexibility and coordination. Loaded Yoga packs the entire 30 minutes with both flow and power for an effective, efficient, total body workout.

How Difficult is Loaded Yoga?

5/10 Loaded Yoga offers options for you throughout class (hard, harder, and hardest). You will be empowered to choose the level at which you feel challenged and successful. You may complete the sequences without weights and your goal can be to add them later. All levels are welcome.

How Long Is Each Class?

Loaded Yoga is a 30-minute format dedicated to putting more power into your practice with the perfect blend of strength, mind-body and balance training for phenomenal results. Learn the yoga sequence, then pick up the dumbbells and repeat it, “loaded.” Shake off the work with a 30-second Core Challenge, then start again with a new pattern.  You’ll rise from your mat loaded with a new sense of strength and flexibility.

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What Should I Wear?

Cover Your Business. Typically, people wear fitted clothing what will offer ample coverage and will stay put, even in Downward-Facing Dog postures.

Leave Your Shoes Off. Not only does being barefoot help you with stability, but your overall balance and foot strength will improve as a result of working without shoes or socks on.

What do I need to Bring?

Plan to bring your own yoga mat. A yoga mat is a thin, sticky mat that will allow you to protect your joints without slipping around when you’re in an awkward position. You’ll be getting up-close and personal to the floor, so having your own yoga mat for Loaded Yoga and other yoga classes will keep you feeling so fresh and so clean!

What Types of Yoga Classes Are Available?

Yoga Body Sculpt

A strength-building Vinyasa flow class that focuses on sculpting your buns and thighs while flattening your belly and strengthening your core.


Yin meets Yang in this yoga class serving a distinct mix of OM and HIIT. Flowing yoga sequences designed to promote strength, length and flexibility are interlaced with high intensity interval segments to deliver a singular mind-body experience. Become a powerhouse on the mat!


Become unbreakable by utilizing the power of yoga, deep stretching techniques and myofascial release. Breathe, flow and find your way to an “unbreakable body” in this class that focuses on the power of restoration. This 60-minute class will start with traditional Vinyasa flow followed by specific releases using straps, lacrosse balls and blocks. Designed to relieve your body, calm your mind and light your soul, this class is the perfect addition to preserve and protect your most valuable asset, YOU.


Hatha Flow

Flow through an easy-to-follow Vinyasa yoga practice that integrates posture, mindful breathing exercises, and relaxation to harmonize you on every level: body, mind, and spirit. Hatha Flow builds sequences, repeats them mindfully for mastery, then develops new sequences to explore. Find yourself in this delicious, mindful, and moving class. All levels are welcome.

Ultimate R&R

We all need more self-care, more recovery, more rest to continue to be our best. Ultimate R&R provides the break your mind and body need. Take the foot off the accelerator and pump the brakes, focusing on a slower, gentler yoga flow followed by longer-held restorative poses supported by blocks, for the ultimate in rest and recovery.

True North Mandala Flow

Travel your mat and find your true north in this centering, creative 60-minute vinyasa flow. At each directional point, explore strength, balance, core, and breath for a fully rounded discovery of the self and a sense of balance for both mind and body.

 Mana Flow

Supercharge your spirit in this ultimate mind/body experience. Mana Flow is an out-of-this world 30-minute yoga practice that focuses on the supernatural force found in everyone! Dedicated Mandala Flow segments alternated with superpower Mana segments utilizing Knux will leave you long, lean and lit!

people in weighted yoga classHot Yoga: FOUNDATION

Discover your body from the inside out in this welcoming, accessible yoga fundamentals practice. Not flexible? Perfect! That just means you’ll experience the benefits that much more quickly! Learn how to explore your edge using your breath to increase strength, balance, focus, and recovery. Held in a gently heated room, this class focuses on powerful standing and balancing postures, then grounded, seated, and reclining postures that challenge you from head to toe and leave you feeling relaxed and empowered.

Hot Yoga: FLOW

Designed to keep you moving through thoughtfully sequenced patterns, this heated Vinyasa flow class will take your yoga experience to the next level. Taught in blocks, Flow alternates a slow sequence of yoga postures with the same pattern at an increased pace to provide a unique mind-body experience. Beautiful movements along with music that enhances the class experience will leave your mind in flight as your body flows through this unique yoga practice.

Hot Yoga: FIERCE

Take your yoga practice to the next level in this unique class that combines athletic movement, power yoga and balance challenges. This unique class links the mind and body in a totally different way, delivering a challenge to remember. Start seated on the mat and then transition to a vigorous standing flow. Special “fire it up” challenges inserted throughout the workout are designed to challenge both your mind and body. This one-of-a-kind yoga class will leave you with a fierce attitude and a fit body.


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