Five Ways to Prep for a Crunch Group Fitness Class

Five Ways to Prep for a Crunch Group Fitness Class

January 19, 2023

Five Ways to Prep for a Crunch Group Fitness Class

Taking a Group Fitness class at Crunch Fitness is a great way to connect with yourself and others. The moment you decide to take a class and show up in our studios, you are making a major connection to yourself. You are saying to your body, “I appreciate you. I honor you. I’m going to give you some exercises and activities that will make you stronger and improve your health in the long term.”

You’ll instantly win with a Crunch instructor because we are professionals whose very job (and often mission in life) is to inspire people on multiple levels. Plus, we Instructors, who are essentially fitness entertainers, are a seriously good time! I’ve been taking classes at Crunch for over 26 years and have had a blast in every single workout. 

So, you’re coming to class – but what do you need to do or prepare? Here are five things you can do to plan and maximize your experience:

Aerial Group fitness activity

Choose by Format

How do you know what class to take? Make the classes that you know you love or are most curious about the priority. For example, when I first joined, I loved dance, so I took all the dance teachers first. I even went to multiple locations to see which teachers were my vibe. From there, I was able to prioritize my workout schedule based on the instructors and style of dance I felt was right for me. Use the class descriptions, too. Interpreting them with your instincts and fitness goals will steer you to the right class pronto.

Choose by Timeslot

Analyze the class schedule, since there might be very specific time slots that fit into your current lifestyle. Understand your habits, such as when you are most likely to workout. Maybe early mornings are best for you. Maybe you need to classes as a lunch break. Perhaps weekends are the easiest time you can get to the gym. Prioritize your time “zone,” and take all the classes you can in that timeframe. You will instantly know which formats and teachers you will want to return to week after week.

Be honest with yourself. If you find it challenging to make some workout magic happen at a certain time, accept that from the start. For example, I really wanted to be that early morning 7 AM class taker, but it seriously was not me! I’d force myself to do it and have my workout clothes laid out – but in reality, I was miserable, since it made the workouts way less fun for me personally. Honor you! 

Be on Time

Get to class on time, or even better, aim for a few minutes early, especially if there is not a class in the studio space beforehand so that you can get acclimated to the room. If there is equipment to be used, then show up five minutes before class to get the support you need to set up. The more complicated the equipment (e.g., a spin bike is more complicated than hand weights), the more time you will need to prep ahead of that class.

Bring a Water Bottle

Hydration is super important for your body, skin, and even your brain. Water helps your brain cells communicate with each other, clears out toxins and waste that impair brain function, and carries nutrients to your beautiful brain. Crunch has drinking fountains in smart strategic locations often near our Group Fitness studios (and sometimes even in the studios). Use them!

Warm Up Your Zygomaticus Major

Get ready to smile! Classes are fun, and you’re going to be with other people who equally want to honor their health and bodies. When you’re in class, if someone in the room smiles at you, smile back. It’s an easy way to signal that we all know we are in for a wild and fun ride together. This is also a way that a regular class-goer is welcoming you to class. Lastly, definitely smile at your Crunch group fitness instructor. I promise you that they will welcome you right back. 

Alright, it’s game time. Go forth, and get the group fitness going! Make a class reservation on the Crunch Fitness app. Most of the equipment is provided for, and if it’s not, the class description should let you know what is needed. There are also small towels at the clubs and cleaning materials to give your equipment an extra wipe down.

Take advantage of this fun opportunity to move in sync with someone – either by lifting weights, pedaling an indoor bike, doing a step touch, or performing a salsa move together! It energetically allows us to connect through that synchronicity. The movement being completed in unison links us to the present time. If we are in the present moment and fully aware of what is happening in that very second, we can then feel the connective energy in our muscles, and even in our hearts. It is that palpable.  Have fun and see you in our studios.

By Marc Santa Maria, National Vice President of Group Fitness, Crunch Signature

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