Galentines/Valentine’s Day is the right day for a Partner Workout!

Galentines/Valentine’s Day is the right day for a Partner Workout!

February 8, 2024

Some things are better together, and working out can be one of them! Whether you’re celebrating Galantine’s or Valentine’s Day (or both!), grab a partner for a fun twist on fitness.

Partner workouts offer a unique way to stay active while sharing the experience with a friend.  Whether it’s high-energy cardio, stretching, or strength training, working out with a friend can add that extra layer of motivation and encouragement.  This is a gift that keeps on giving, which makes it so much better than a candlelit dinner or a box of chocolates.

2 women stretching

Here are some ways to build muscle and torch calories with your Gal or Pal:

  1. HIIT Drills – a fun way to incorporate Hi-Intensity training with a partner is “You Go/I Go” drills.  Partner A performs a plyometric exercise (such as a Burpee or a Frog Hop).  As soon as they finish, Partner B completes the same exercise. This is a great way to challenge and push each other.
  2. Medicine Ball Pass Drills – A Medicine Ball is just what the Dr ordered! This is a great piece of equipment to use in a variety of shared drills.  Examples include Squat & Pass (or toss), Alternate Reverse Lunge & Pass, Sit up Pass, V Sit/rotation Pass, or Plank Pass (Roll back and forth). Just remember to keep your eye on the ball!
  3. Resistance Bands – Grab 1 or 2 bands and use your partner for added resistance!  This is more challenging (and fun) than you might expect!

women in yoga class

  • Examples include:
  1. (Facing your Partner) Back Rows, Rear Flyes, Bicep Curls, Lateral Pull Downs, Reverse Lunges
  2. (Facing Away) – Chest Press, Chest Flye, Tricep Extensions, Squat to an Overhead Press
  3. (Side Facing) – Rotation/Core variations such as a baseball swing, Diagonal Cops, or VSit Twists
  1. Partner Yoga Poses – Yoga promotes flexibility, balance, and strength.  Pair with your partner for gentle assisted stretches (back-to-back or face-to-face), or balance poses such as Warrior 3 or Tree Pose.  If you’re not familiar with yoga, consider signing up for a Yoga class together.
  2. And of course, my favorite – sign up for a Group Fitness class with your Partner!   Whether it’s dance, kickboxing, or weight training – working out in a group is always more fun!

man and woman working out

In the end, Galenite’s Day is all about friendship.  Partner workouts offer a unique and enjoyable way to stay active while sharing the connection with others, so use this occasion to celebrate friendship, fitness, and fun!

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