Our 12 Best Group Fitness Classes: The Secret to Supercharging Your Workouts

Our 12 Best Group Fitness Classes: The Secret to Supercharging Your Workouts

February 9, 2024

Ready for an amazing full body workout? When it comes to getting fit, life has a way of throwing constant complications and challenges into the mix. Lack of motivation, doubt about where to start, and repetitive workout routines can all make going to the gym feel more like a chore than it should. That’s why more and more people have begun turning to group fitness classes in recent years.

Unlike solo gym outings, these classes can have enormous benefits for the average person, and they’re one of our favorite ways to get fit while having fun.

In this article, we’ll review some of our best fitness class highlights, details about each, and how to choose which class might work best for you.

Strength Training Classes

While most regular workouts will build muscle and increase strength compared to doing nothing, strength training workouts focus on this aspect of fitness. And, surprisingly, this type of training has grown to be the second most popular form of exercise, especially among younger demographics. Don’t be fooled; these classes are not all barbells and weights. These classes are some of our favorites to build strength, sculpt muscles, and get in shape while having fun – like this 1-2-3 Backside classwomen in dance fitness class

Strong by Zumba

While some may be familiar with traditional Zumba classes, Strong by Zumba introduces exciting new elements to the tried-and-true format. Athletic choreography and high-intensity movements bring this dance-centric class to new levels, challenging participants to work with their bodyweight to build strength, improve endurance, and increase muscle definition.

While this class may be more difficult than some, it’s the perfect next step for members who have tried and conquered other dance-oriented collective exercise classes in the past.


If you’re looking for more familiar fitness classes, our Chisel strength-building courses may be exactly the right fit. In these, our coaches will push you through circuit-based weightlifting movements using barbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, and more. Based on an “AMRAP” structure (as many reps as possible), members can set their own pace and goals depending on their experience level.

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a weightlifting pro, Chisel will help sculpt your physique, improve muscle definition, and boost fullbody strength for whatever life throws your way.

people in group fitness class

Ground Level

Build your strength from the ground up with this intense, HIIT-style fitness course designed to develop full-body strength and an iron core. Motivating you every step of the way, teachers will push you through a challenging set of bodyweight drills punctuated by “level-up breaks” designed to keep you performing at peak levels. Drawing inspiration from the movements of the animal kingdom, this one reconnects you to your primal spirit and unleashes the beast in all of us.

Unlike traditional weightlifting classes, which rely on strict barbell and dumbbell movements, Ground Level prioritizes mobility and function for all its exercises. Because of this focus, the class is highly useful for developing the whole-body, functional strength you need to move through even the most physical of tasks with confidence. Relatively intense compared to some other classes, Ground Level will test your physical and mental grit–so come prepared!

Yoga Classes

Far and away the most popular type of collective fitness workout in the world, yoga has been a staple of Western exercise for almost 150 years. And, given the recent booming popularity of group workouts in general, yoga participation shows no sign of slowing down. Importantly, a good class is more than exercise; it provides a community of like-minded people dedicated to improving their physical and mental health.

For the days where you’re a little extra lazy, this Flow 20 class on Crunch+ is actually a great idea too!

Hot Yoga

For those who don’t mind a little sweat, Hot Yoga can be an excellent way to destress and detoxify after a long week. During a session, coaches guide you through slow, wellness-based movements to improve posture, ease aching muscles, and build core stability. Unlike traditional yoga, however, our specially-heated studio adds an extra layer to the experience by improving blood flow and encouraging deep breathing–both of which have been shown to provide impressive benefits.

If you’ve already enjoyed other similar group exercise classes, try our Hot Yoga to slow down, warm up, and experience a whole new level of health.

women stretching in a group fitness class

Mind Body Burn

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about the “mind-body connection,” this class is what they meant. Although most people believe that intense, strenuous lifting or cardio are the only ways to improve fitness, we know that some people are looking for a different experience.

In Mind Body Burn classes, teachers focus on the intersection of mental wellness and physical health by teaching members to better connect with their bodies. Through relaxing, meditation-like poses and movements, these exercises improve coordination, reduce stress, and help you better understand your body’s needs.

Intended for members of all experience levels, our Mind Body Burn classes are the perfect addition to your week, with benefits that extend far beyond the gym.

Mana Flow Yoga

For those seeking a more holistic, spiritual experience, our brand-new Mana Flow class combines movements from Mandala Flow Yoga with powerful, affirming superpower Mana segments. Based on the four major elements of the universe and their associated muscle groups, each workout will teach you new ways to bring your body into alignment and release stress from your spirit. 

Both challenging and relaxing, empowering and therapeutic, this one is excellent for anyone trying to reconnect with themselves and build a stronger self along the way.

Cardio Classes

Even though strength training and yoga are trending strongly as the most popular group exercise classes, a good cardio workout can nonetheless provide amazing health benefits. Increased stamina, better sleep quality, and improved cardiovascular health all make regular cardio one of the most important elements of any fitness routine. Luckily, Crunch Fitness offers a range of group exercise options to please even the most cardio-averse members.

people in ride class

Rhythm Ride

When most people think of group exercise, one of the first things that comes to mind is usually a cycling class–and for a good reason. Fun, motivational coaches, boosted cardio and heart health, and proven results are only a few reasons why a good spin class is one of the best fitness choices possible. And, with our line of Rhythm cycling classes, you’ll have more fun on a bike than you’ve had since childhood.

With modern musical hits and individualized pacing, this class is excellent for beginners and cycling pros alike. As an added bonus, a range of different classes allows you to pick the perfect instructor for your personality.

Fat Burning Pilates

With most group exercise classes, members are forced to choose between a focus on building muscle, burning fat, or improving coordination and flexibility. Fat Burning Pilates, however, blends the best of all three worlds. By combining the strength-building principles of Pilates with customized cardio routines and motivational choreography, this class supercharges your fat loss efforts and sculpts your muscle tone. Even better, the added motivation of this community-centric workout pushes the entire studio past its limits and into a new level of success.

Great for members with intermediate or advanced experience, Fat Burning Pilates can change up your workout routine and help you break through plateaus.


Let’s be honest: few workouts have ever been as a spandex enthusiast, neon-legginged aerobics class. That’s exactly why we’ve Retro-Robics is one of our most beloved group classes ever. In this class, coaches guide members through pulse-pounding choreography and exercises designed to improve their fitness, that’ll boost your energy and put a smile on their faces. With a soundtrack of retro pop classics and enough Spandex to last a lifetime, this class reignites your motivation by making the gym fun again.

Intended for members of all fitness levels, Retro-Robics is some of the most fun you’ll ever have during a workout.

Combat Classes

Before you go to strap on your gloves, don’t worry: all of these fitness classes are a battle against your own limits, not anyone else. Even so, combat-themed group workouts are an increasingly popular item on the average gym-goer’s fitness “to-do” list. And for a good reason.

Incorporating elements of martial arts, high-intensity interval training, kickboxing, and even tai chi, combat classes give you many of the benefits of combat training with none of the risk.

women in boxing class

Heavy Hitter

If you’ve ever wanted to step into the ring and see just how hard you can hit, Heavy Hitter is the opportunity you’ve been looking for. While this class includes many of the same elements you’d expect from a martial arts-themed fitness routine, it emphasizes full-body power and core stability to transform you into a certified powerhouse. Teachers run members through a cycle of resistance training and heavy bag work to build muscle across the entire body and build coordination, allowing you to put that newfound power to use.

Even if you never intend to hit anything other than a heavy bag, Heavy Hitter is an exceptionally effective workout for relieving stress, learning new movements, and building whole-body strength.

Fight Camp

No list of combat-themed group workouts would be complete without a good old-fashioned boxing class. Fight Camp is a class that gives members the opportunity to work the heavy bag, punch out the stress, and develop strength and coordination at the same time. Coaches work with each group member to drill punch combinations and footwork patterns for peak results.

Despite its intensity, Fight Camp is excellent for newcomers to combat-focused group exercise classes. Because most of the class involves individual work on heavy bags, members can set their own pace and gradually turn up the heat until they’re boxing superstars.

12-Round TKO

Grounded in a Tabata-style exercise structure, our 12-Round TKO group fitness class will push you to your limits, get your heart rate pumping, and supercharge your cardio. Broken down into four cycles of twelve rounds, instructors slowly ramp up the intensity of drills until you finish with a final, maximum-effort burst.

Although this course is not for the faint of heart, cardio enthusiasts looking for a new challenge might be a perfect fit. If you’re looking to get into the best cardiovascular shape of your life, test your limits, and find a community of highly-motivated people, 12-Round TKO is the class for you.

How Group Fitness Classes Can Benefit You

We know that working out can be challenging, and sometimes it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut. If you’ve felt yourself struggling through your workouts or dreading your days at the gym, maybe it’s time to try a group exercise class for a change. Doing so allows you to experience new types of fitness, meet motivated, like-minded people in the fitness community, and have a little fun!

Remember, mental and social health are just as important as physical health, and the best fitness plans will combine all three. There’s no need to go it alone.

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