April 23, 2024

Become a Heavy Hitter and discover your POWER in the next phase of your fitness journey – even outside of the ring– with this vigorous workout designed to build endurance, strength, and stability. Using a variety of resistance training styles and intervals both on and off the heavy bag, this workout is designed to push the limits of upper body and lower body strength and challenge core strength and stability. 

Why Try Heavy Hitter?  

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! In Heavy Hitter, we’re not just building muscle on the heavy bag; we’ll use other weight equipment to build strength as you jab, cross and hook your way to increase stamina, sharpen your senses and develop the speed and agility of Muhammad Ali! 

What Is Heavy Hitter Like?  

Heavy Hitter starts with powerful precision as you punch and jab through shadow box and boxing fundamentals. You move to individual boxing bags to begin rounds of perfecting your punch precision. Then get quick on your feet, sharpening your reactions using Knux, light handheld specially designed weights and specialized weight equipment to challenge endurance and total body strength. Heavy Hitter finishes with five minutes of grounded core to forge your core into a fortress.  


People in boxing class

Who Are Heavy Hitter Classes Best For? 

All fitness levels are welcome in this total body boxing training class with agility, boxing drills, and strength training to chisel your muscles, core and condition your heart.  Options are available for everyone; boxing fundamentals during the warm-up will guide proper form and punch placement.  

Is Heavy Hitter a Good Workout? 

Heavy Hitter joins upper and lower body forces to sculpt muscles, turn your core into a fortress, have you quick on your feet and sharpen your reactions ready for whatever punch life throws. 

  • Strength. Boxing is a full-body exercise, with both upper and lower body muscle groups working together to throw punches effectively. When combined with the resistance of a heavy bag, boxing builds bone density. 
  • Cardiovascular Endurance. The footwork in boxing, in addition to the speed and rhythmic work of punch combinations, strengthens the heart and lungs, resulting in a lower resting heart rate and increased stamina 
  • Speed and Agility. Boxing drill combinations and reaction drills focus on speed and agility, which improve coordination, mental focus, and result in quicker reaction times. 
  • Core Stability. A strong core is the heartbeat of strength, and we take that seriously. Brace yourself for a workout that challenges not just your muscles but your very center of gravity. Maintaining balance, coordinating muscles, aligning posture – we’ll turn your core into a fortress.
    people in boxing class
  • Hand-Eye Coordination. Precision is power. Hitting a target isn’t just satisfying, it’s a  a masterclass in hand-eye coordination. Your senses sharpen like never before. Alertness and reaction drills maximize your mental muscle.  

How Difficult is Heavy Hitter? 

6/10. All fitness levels welcome. Seasoned boxers will appreciate Crunch’s professionally designed boxing rig including a center bag that slides in all directions like a human boxer. Beginners welcome to learn boxing fundamentals and agility skills performed with masterful speed, timing and fluidity.  

How Long Is Each Class? 

Heavy Hitter is a 60-minute boxing class using handheld weights or “knux”, specialized weight work for added resistance training and Crunch’s exclusively-designed boxing rig.  


What Should I Wear? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of motion of exercises. 

Cross training Gym Shoes.  Comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you bob and weave to the main event.  

Mixed Martial Arts Gloves or Quick Wraps. We will be hitting the bag as well as picking up specialized equipment, so hand protection that allows for flexibility with grip is critical. 

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate my friend, make sure you have plenty of water with you. If you have quick wraps or mixed martial arts gloves, feel free to bring them. Crunch does provide boxing gloves. A towel to catch your sweat as you will be dripping in finesse’. Most importantly, a great attitude and smile to share.  

What Types of Boxing Classes Are Available?

Round it Out.

Get ready to rumble in this dynamic station-based boxing circuit workout. Utilizing heavy bags, KNUX, and sandbells, this workout will get you in fighting shape and ready to win the bout. Move through 8 dedicated stations with a combination of longer fight rounds, then repeat at maximum intensity in our signature Knockout Rounds. Wildcard rounds tax the body and mind with rapid-fire Boxmaster combination work, leaving you fit to fight and ready to rumble.   

12 Round TKO.

Take your workout to the extreme in this fiercely fun Tabata-based workout. Develop power, speed, agility and footwork as you fight through four dedicated 12-round blocks of work. Kick your fitness level into overdrive with a Battle Royale finisher that demands endurance and power for grueling bouts of demanding cardio followed by explosive core work.  

woman in boxing class

Fight Camp.

Want to train like the pros in the ring? Become brilliant at the basics in this workout designed to hone your boxing skills and sharpen your mind. Punch with power on the heavy bag, develop timing and fluidity in combinations, develop your core stability, and train your reaction time. In Fight Camp, you’ll walk away feeling like a champ, with strength, endurance, speed, and power to spare! 

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