Boosting Your Gym Membership With Classes – How to Make the Most of Group Fitness

Boosting Your Gym Membership With Classes – How to Make the Most of Group Fitness

June 19, 2023

If you’ve spent any time in one of our many locations, you’ve probably witnessed one of Crunch’s industry-leading group fitness classes. Upbeat music, smiling, determined members, and the satisfied collapse after a particularly hard session–all of these things and more are what make our classes so special.

For the uninitiated, however, we know that group fitness can be an intimidating thought. All too often, we hear members express concerns about whether they’ll be able to match a class’s pace or follow along with new exercises. To address those concerns, we wanted to take the time to outline all the ways you can use Crunch’s group fitness opportunities to boost your workout routine, accelerate results, and have more fun exercising than you ever thought possible.

As for fears about fitting in? Remember that every Crunch location prides itself on its no judgment atmosphere, meaning you’ll never be made to feel out of place or in the way–no matter how new you are to fitness.

What Are Group Fitness Classes?

Group fitness classes pair gym members with specially-trained instructors to provide structure, guidance, and motivation for a range of fitness goals. While, historically, the most common types of group classes lean towards yoga or cycling, the fitness industry has evolved over the past two decades to diversify class types.

Today, many gyms prioritize a well-built class list as one of the most important aspects of their fitness memberships.

Large Group vs. Small Group Training Sessions

Because they’re designed to include more people, large group classes usually use more minimal equipment, with most classes of this type structured to include bodyweight exercises. While this may be a simpler approach to group fitness, it also allows for an unmatched level of energy and motivation. When you surround yourself with so many people with shared goals and enthusiasm, you all but ensure an awesome workout.

On the other hand, small group classes typically have limited studio space or need specialized cardio equipment, like weight sleds. While most gyms reserve smaller group training sessions for members with more premium monthly plans, they also usually add extra value or support to make these classes worth it. At Crunch Fitness, for example, your Peak Results membership gets you access to unlimited group classes of all sizes, and our Signature locations allow you to reserve spots online to make sure you never miss out.

Types of Workout Classes

While the classes we offer vary based on location, it’s safe to assume that every Crunch facility will provide one or more classes in the following categories.


Since the early 1990s, spin classes have been one of the most popular forms of group cardio classes in the world. Today, Crunch Fitness carries that tradition forward with our Ride classes, each of which was designed with a specific goal in mind.


Few things go together like music and exercise, which is why so many members love our choreographed dance classes. Even without fancy cardio machines or endless hours on the treadmill, classes like our Retro-Robics will get you moving, shred calories, and make you love every minute of your workout.


Whether you want to lose weight, build endurance, or sculpt muscle, high-intensity interval training classes are some of the most effective, challenging workouts you can do. During each session, trainers guide you through timed, circuit-style exercises designed to push the limits of what you thought was possible.


Although most people think of relaxation and stress management when talking about yoga, these classes have much more to offer than you might expect. As one of the oldest, most popular types of workout in the world, yoga classes encourage balance, coordination, and full-body strength. For members seeking something more athletic, Vinyasa yoga incorporates more dynamic movements to boost your heart rate and build an iron core.


Typically, strength-focused group classes use free weights, bodyweight workouts, or specialized exercise equipment like tractor tires or sledgehammers to encourage muscle and strength development.

For members who may feel intimidated by squat racks or heavy deadlifts, our Pilates classes and strength boot camps can give you many of the benefits of weightlifting in a more beginner-friendly environment.

How to Include Classes in Your Gym Routine

The best way to incorporate fitness classes into your normal routine depends on your membership terms, fitness goals, and schedule. At Crunch Fitness, for instance, Peak Results members have unlimited access to every class we have to offer. Peak members also enjoy an extensive selection of classes but may not be able to attend smaller, studio-based workouts like our Ride series.

Regardless of how often you attend, however, there are three primary ways to get the most from a group class:

Balance Out Your Routine

Like most people who regularly go to the gym, it’s likely that you enjoy certain exercises more than others. Maybe you’re an amateur weightlifter who habitually skips out on cardio sessions. Or, it’s possible you’re a stair-stepper fanatic who wants to build a little more muscle in a certain area. If you’re a pro in both strength and cardiovascular fitness, you may still benefit from the mental health boost that comes from a relaxing yoga class.

Regardless of what your individual fitness journey looks like, a group fitness class can provide the structure and motivation you need to follow through in the areas you’re least likely to pursue alone.

Double Down On Goals

On the opposite side of the spectrum, group fitness classes can help you take your existing strengths and make them even more impressive. Members prepping for a half Ironman or local triathlon can boost their training with more challenging cardio classes. Similarly, switching up your resistance training with functional movements like those in a HIIT class may provide the core strength needed to hit new free-weight personal records.

Learn New Skills

The true beauty of top fitness classes is the ability to take what you learn and add it to your individual workouts. Whether you’re unsatisfied with your rate of progress or simply want new exercises to keep your program fresh, finding a group class that interests you can provide excellent educational opportunities.

And, because each class the Crunch Fitness offers is run by a certified trainer, you know you’re learning movements and techniques from an expert, with the opportunity to ask questions when you have them.

Ready to Get Started?

Unlike other gyms, Crunch Fitness considers group fitness a core component of our culture. Because of that fact, we want as many members as possible to experience the benefits, supportive community, and undeniable energy that comes along with our classes.

For Base plan members, try out our no-strings-attached trial class pass. In addition to free fitness training, you’ll also get to meet new people who share your goals, learn interesting new workouts, and supercharge your fitness efforts.

If, after your trial is over, you decide that group fitness is something you want in your normal routine, consider upgrading to our Peak Results package for access to unlimited classes at a competitive monthly rate.

Crunch’s group fitness classes promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It’s an environment for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now. Your goals are made to be crushed. With Crunch, you’ll have the tools, resources, and support to make it happen

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