Fitness Boxing: Secure That (Heavy) Bag

Fitness Boxing: Secure That (Heavy) Bag

December 8, 2023

Pack a Punch with Fitness Boxing

Get Ready to Rumble: Fitness Boxing at Crunch

Boxers are among the fittest athletes, and their training maximizes all areas of fitness:  strength, cardiovascular endurance, agility, flexibility, balance, core strength, and stability. In fitness boxing, we don’t train with the intention of getting into the ring; instead, we use the principles of training to get all the benefits with none of the concussions.

An important distinction between traditional boxing training and fitness boxing is that, in a traditional boxing gym, coaching focuses with the “about” in mind, so fighters train in a particular stance that favors their dominant side. In fitness boxing, however, combinations will be developed with both left and right stances so as to create more balance in the body.

woman throwing a punch

Real results in fitness boxing?

Even if you never face an opponent, training like a boxer can deliver a powerful punch of fitness benefits.

Strength. Boxing is a full-body exercise, with both upper and lower body muscle groups working together to throw punches effectively.  When combined with the resistance-building strategy of hitting a heavy bag, boxing builds bone density. 

Cardiovascular Endurance. The footwork in boxing, in addition to the speed and rhythmic work of punch combinations, strengthens the heart and lungs, resulting in a lower resting heart rate and increased stamina.

Speed and Agility. Boxing drill combinations and reaction drills focus on speed and agility, which improve coordination, mental focus, and result in quicker reaction times.

Core Stability. Core strength and stability is the key to all boxing exercises.  Additionally, the focus on a braced core challenges participants’ ability to maintain balance, muscle coordination, and postural alignment.

Hand-Eye Coordination. Hitting a target with your hands improves hand-eye coordination and may improve alertness, attention, and reaction time.

Stress Relief. Boxing provides a safe outlet for emotional release. The intensity and complexity of the workout can provide a confidence boost and an elevated mood and allow for a better night’s rest, all of which can contribute to better mental health.

Overall Form and Technique for Boxing Classes

Want to get started but don’t have an idea of where to begin? Enlist a Crunch personal trainer! Many of our PTs have extensive experience working with focus pads to create an individualized cardio and strength workout that is fast and FUN!  In every group fitness class, our instructors are experienced in giving options that will support beginners to badasses and will give specialized cues for good overall boxing form and technique. Either way, the following tips are good reminders for all boxing formats.

woman with a boxing trainer

STAGGER STANCE.  Participants should stand with their feet shoulder width apart.  From here, take one SMALL step backward with the right foot (if right-handed, or left, if left-handed).  Knees should be bent slightly to maintain agility. This stance allows for hip rotation, which improves punch power and additionally gives your opponent a smaller target.

PROTECT THE FACE. Gloves should always be up by the cheekbones, and the chin should be slightly tucked.

ENGAGE THE CORE. Tuck the hips under slightly to engage the core. The core is a critical component of the kinetic chain, which helps transfer energy from the lower body to the upper body. The core helps maintain balance during boxing, helping maintain a lower center of gravity to help build momentum for a punch.  A strong core also helps the body absorb a blow during an actual fight, helping to avoid additional injury.

UTILIZE THE BREATH. Inhale to prepare, and exhale sharply through your teeth (closed jaw) as you throw your punch. This exhalation will protect the jaw, engage the core, and help with timing and power. 

Ready to Glove Up?

Want to try your hand at some boxing and martial arts-inspired classes at Crunch? Here are some to try!

Cardio Tai Box. This high-energy, high-impact class is the perfect blend of kickboxing, martial arts and cardiovascular training. This kick-ass class delivers powerful boxing drills and core training in a high-intensity, nonstop movement format that forgoes the need for equipment. The combination of kicks and punches, along with exciting cardio drills elevate the heart rate and develop a powerful upper and lower body. Easy-to-execute boxing-inspired moves seamlessly combine with heart-pumping athletic drills to deliver an intense, fat-burning experience sure to bring you back for one more round.

Cardio Tai Box Loaded. Bring out your inner Fight and your inner Fierce with Cardio Tai Box Loaded! Rounds of martial arts-inspired combinations with weight segments and plyometric bursts build strength and stamina, so you can last until the final bell. Polish off this Fiercely Fun Fight with the “Furious Four,” four 30-second all-out efforts for a full-body TKO!

Four-ce Field. Want to take your fighting fitness up a notch? In Four-ce Field, battle in all four directions, utilizing multiple martial arts forms, to prepare for any battle that comes our way! Tap into the varied fighting styles of Karate, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Judo, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and other non-boxing fight formats to work the entire body. Fight high and low, in all directions, with agility and reaction drills thrown in to stay alert and on your toes! Armed with KNUX Hand Weights to add that extra push, you’ll define the delts, carve the core, and leave those imaginary opponents – and sweat – on the floor. In only 5 rounds you will learn:  never underestimate the FOUR-CE!

Note:  For the next two sets of classes, you’ll want to invest in your own quick wraps (around $15) or Mixed Martial Arts-style open palm boxing gloves (around $35).

HIITZone Formats

PunchHIIT. Get ready for a fight!  This hard-hitting workout features fight moves and athletic conditioning inspired by the worlds of mixed martial arts and boxing.  Get ready to punch, lift and slam your way to a great workout.

Fight Round. Train like a fighter using MMA-inspired moves that will get you ready to kick ass.  This signature program uses all stations of the Combative Training Center (CTC) with a special focus on the heavy bags.

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Boxing Rig Formats

Boxing Basics. Can’t wait to go the distance?  Become brilliant at the basics in our Boxing Basics 30-minute intro class designed for beginners and those wanting a review of proper form for all six basic punches and their associated footwork.  Learn how to protect joints and muscles while getting maximum results utilizing shadow boxing and punching heavy bags.

Fight Camp. Want to train like the pros in the ring?  Hone your boxing skills and sharpen your mind in this dynamic, nonstop boxing format. Punch with power on the heavy bag, develop timing and fluidity in combinations, develop your core stability, and train your reaction time. In Fight Camp, you’ll walk away feeling like a champ, with strength, endurance, speed, and power to spare!

Heavy Hitter. Become a Heavy Hitter and discover your POWER in the next phase of your fitness journey– even outside of the ring– with this vigorous workout designed to build endurance, strength, and stability. Using a variety of resistance training styles and intervals both on and off the heavy bag, this workout is designed to push the limits of upper body and lower body strength and challenge core strength and stability.

Round It Out. Get ready to rumble in this dynamic station-based boxing circuit workout.  Utilizing heavy bags, KNUX, and sandbells, this workout will get you in fighting shape and ready to win the bout.  Move through 8 dedicated stations with a combination of longer fight rounds, then repeat at maximum intensity in our signature Knockout Rounds.  Wildcard rounds tax the body and mind with rapid-fire Boxmaster combination work, leaving you fit to fight and ready to rumble.

12 Round TKO. Take your workout to the extreme in this fiercely fun Tabata-based workout.  Develop power, speed, agility and footwork as you fight through four dedicated 12-round blocks of work.   Kick your fitness level into overdrive with a Battle Royale finisher that demands endurance and power for grueling bouts of demanding cardio followed by explosive core work.


Takedown Round. Go for the total takedown in this power-packed MMA-inspired boxing session that will leave you the ultimate winner of every heart-pounding round. Focus on boxing, strength, quickness, and mobility as you punch, sprawl, pummel, and ground and pound your way to the top. 

Strong Strike. Upgrade your boxing workout in this dynamic class that combines strength training with badass boxing moves. This unique combination delivers a 1-2 punch, demanding strength, endurance and power. Hit it hard and strike strong in this sizzling mashup.

Fight: Fast & Fierce. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee in a fiercely fun workout designed to amp up your agility, evade your opponents’ punches, and stay nimble both in and out of the ring.  Learn the basics with dedicated rounds of precision footwork to increase your cardiovascular endurance, then apply the work to rounds on the heavy bag.  Learn to stick and move in this training session that will take your skills to the next level!

Can’t wait to get started?  Click here to find a Crunch near you!

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