Celebrating National Women’s History Month

Celebrating National Women’s History Month

March 27, 2024

By Missy Stidham

“With a defeat, when you lose, you get up, you make it better, you try again. That’s what I do in life, when I get down, when I get sick, I don’t want to just stop. I keep going and I try to do more. Everyone always says never give up but you really have to take that to heart and really do never definitely give up. Keep trying.”

– Serena Williams

In celebrating National Women’s History Month as women, we remind ourselves all of the things we have to do and be to everyone. Whether that is as a mom, a wife, a sister, an aunt, or any of our other responsibilities, there are so many daily tasks and duties that can be draining and there is usually no time to stop!

women smiling in a yoga class

Breathing and taking time to be still is so important to give ourselves the mind, body, and spirit a ‘recharge’ to endure the strengths and challenges we combat every day. Participating in workouts from yoga to Pilates allows our bodies to lengthen and strengthen to give us the results we need – between building beautiful long, lean muscles and improving flexibility and mobility as we age.

With Crunch, 30-minute group fitness classes like Fat Burning Pilates or ReForm Pilates will give serious results in a short workout. Yoga Body Sculpt gives the benefits in a 60-minute workout to let that inner warrior shine bright with total body weight poses and yoga movements and end with the benefit of being still and being in tune with your own body. Both of these classes can bring together the purpose of this month: equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

The values of the Crunch brand and the power of connection when you are in a class and look around you and see not one type of person, but instead, you see women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes all celebrating their bodies for what they can do today (and ‘No Judgments’ on anything they cannot do!). Give time to breathe, appreciate, and give gratitude for all that has been done before us by powerful women, and know we come together to be stronger and better versions of ourselves every day.

That is the Yin, but you can’t forget the Yang! As well said as we can be both, “I am a woman and a warrior. If you think I can’t be both, you’ve been lied to.” By Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar

This need for women to workout usually involves some kind of ‘working and hitting’ it out to release stress and tension! No better powerful cardio session than 45 minutes of non-stop running and climbing on a bike in RIDE. For National Women’s Month, we’re featuring a power women’s playlist for my RIDE classes to honor and celebrate the amazing artists who inspire and encourage us to push harder. An all-time favorite is releasing stress and feeling strong by punching a bag! When seeking a class where it’s socially acceptable to hit something, PUNCH HIIT is a classic HIIT class you get the best of kicking, hitting, punching, and slamming for 45 minutes to burn up to 48 hours. We women always want the biggest bang for our buck and are short of time, so this is a 1-2 punch! 

women in a pole dancing class

Will leave you with this last quote as trying out new classes or workouts that seem outside of our comfort zone can seem intimidating. The greatest women who have been innovators in the fitness space did not create out of comfort but stepped out with courage. Our bodies change as we age and especially crave different workouts during the month which vary from cardio to stretching. It’s vital to listen and love on our bodies – not beat them up. So be good to yourselves and be in a place of creativity, inclusivity, and empowering others who want to be healthier and happier and who want to find ways to keep getting better and push boundaries. 

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

– Sara Blakely

Written by Missy Stidham, Senior Director of Group Fitness for the Crunch Undefeated Tribe out of Greater Austin, Texas.

Crunch promotes a culture of positivity, inclusivity, and fun with no judgments by providing an environment for all individuals regardless of their health and fitness goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now.

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