Obsessed With Strength

Obsessed With Strength

December 9, 2023

As I walk the floor of Crunch every day, I see the testimony plastered all over workout t-shirts, in classes, and among the squat racks: “Strong is the New Skinny.” “Lift Heavy Sh*t.” “Raise the Bar(Bell).” “Drop It Like A Squat.”

If you’re finding yourself in your lifting era, you’re not alone. The American College of Sports Medicine’s journal reported that strength training with free weights ranked as the number two fitness trend of 2023, just behind wearable fitness technology.

Crunch continues to lead the trends not only by adding more deadlift bays and strength equipment in its newest facilities, but also by continuing to deliver cutting-edge strength-based programming in the HIITZone, Group Fitness, and even Ride classes.

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The HIITZone is our proprietary functional training ground where athletes are built, and where both beginners and badasses can learn and grow together as a community.  HIITZone Instructors are specially trained to present options for every exercise and piece of equipment that both challenge and support everyone on the turf. 

Where to begin? Although the HIITZone now boasts over 20 formats, Crunch suggests you start off STRONG with these three:

StrongHIIT is an efficient, no-nonsense strength session composed of six stations of sheer strength work, each with three 40-second work efforts designed to push participants to perfect their form each round by increasing their range of motion, adding weight, or both.  Rounds of Core and More exercises add the finishing touches to this #fiercelyfun full-body workout.

SupersetHIIT uses the principles of superset training to level up the HIITZone with new intensity! Pairs of exercises challenge muscle groups with complementary or same-muscle group training for distinctive burn all its own!  Complete three rounds of back-to-back exercises at each of the five stations, then finish it out with 3 AMRAP core exercises that will leave participants feeling sculpted and lean!

ToughHIIT Out challenges the toughest participants with increasing strength sets followed by dynamic Tabata bursts that will demand determination, will, and ultimate toughness to lift, push, and pull your max at each station.

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Not ready for the HIITZone but want to get strong, fast?  The Group Fitness studio has you more than covered with these dynamic strength formats that will develop long, lean muscles.

B30 Body. Transform your body and see results quickly in this exclusive barbell-based hard-core strength workout. Push, pull, and lift your way to extreme results. Crush your goals in no time with a mix of both upper and lower body work mixed with challenging core and cardio segments designed to rev your metabolism and transform your body.

Push the Perimeter. Push your limits in this combination class that features superhuman strength sequences alternated with fast and furious drills that span the length of the room. This class moves in lines utilizing barbells, dumbbells, slam balls, and kettlebells. Finish all four lines and then take off to work speed, agility, and quickness using the length of the room in four distinct lanes. Work through 4 AMRAP and Speed Sets in a thirty-minute workout that will challenge your strength and stamina.

Belly Butt & Thighs Bootcamp. Focus on your lower half in this belly-busting, booty-shaping two-part intensive class that features a series of exercise combinations that target–you guessed it—your belly, butt, and thighs!

Top It Off. Shape and sculpt every muscle in your upper body in this two-part, heart-pumping workout. Using two sets of weights and isometric exercises, you’ll work through a series of sweat-inducing exercises to chisel and define arms you’ll be proud to show off!

Iron Mat. Push your Pilates mat practice to the max with innovative exercises and the addition of weights to give your body iron strength,

Loaded Yoga. Put more POWER in your practice with this distinct combination of flexibility and strength. LOADED YOGA links the mind and body in a totally different way, by imprinting a flow sequence pattern, then challenging muscles in that same pattern, using weight. Start by introducing a sequence of poses “UNLOADED” and then take it to the next level as you “LOAD” the same sequence with weights for a challenge that demands control from both the mind and body.

Crunch even offers strength in the Ride studio with Peak Performance and Heavy Mileage!

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Peak Performance. Reach your PEAK as a true cyclist in this powerful Ride experience. Focus on steep hills and grueling climbs while meeting or beating your personal best efforts in this demanding Ride. You’ll be dripping in sweat while standing triumphant at the top of the hill!

Heavy Mileage. Put the pedals to the metal in this interval-based Remixed Ride workout. Rack up some major mileage through dedicated rounds of competitive cardio endurance on the bike, then dismount and kick it up a notch by adding upper body weight work into the mix off the bike. Weighted rounds are performed off the bike for maximum performance. Clip in to take on this challenge and get ready for some Heavy Mileage! 

Whatever fitness adventure you choose, Crunch has a class that will build the strongest version of you!  If you want to maximize your strength goals even more, head over to the Personal Training Bar to complement your group fitness strength training classes with a personalized fitness plan designed to meet your individual needs.  Crunch delivers serious strength results, fast!

Crunch’s group fitness classes and personal trainers promote a culture of fun with no judgments. It is an environment built for all types of individuals with various goals. Find a Crunch gym near you to try our free trial membership, or join Crunch now.

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