May 24, 2024

The HIIT Workout is high intensity interval training with a twist! This total-body workout focuses on training at max effort for short periods of time. 1-minute work efforts are alternated with 1 minute of active recovery for a workout that produces and enables you to hit your training targets.  

Why Try HIIT Workout? 

The HIIT Workout is a blast for your body, one minute at a time. You’ll push, pull, throw, and lift through ten stations. You’ll have a team of instant friends in this small group class as you improve body composition, cardio capacity, and powerful strength through each demanding exercise. Quick results are guaranteed for this “all-in” total body training class.  

What Is HIIT Workout Like? 

Got a minute? You’ll work each exercise at one minute of high intensity beast mode followed by one minute of active recovery movements at 10 different stations. Using heavy bags, TRX Suspension Trainers, Landmines and more, this fast-paced workout is never boring. Every station is a new challenge with different equipment. This is where sweat meets smiles, muscles are made, goals are crushed and celebrated, ending with a round of high fives! 


Is HIIT Workout a Good Workout? 

HIIT Workout is an incredible workout for improving metabolism, muscle mass and athletic conditioning. High intensity intervals are the most proven and powerful pathway to peak fitness.  

How Difficult is HIIT Workout? 

7/10. The exercises in HIIT Workout are tough, but the instructor’s level options, and the cheering of your teammates will make the time fly while you get incredibly strong. Remember after each one-minute surge of high intensity, you always have one minute of active recovery movement to catch your breath and reset.  

How Long Is HIIT Workout? 

HIIT Workout is an incredibly efficient 30 minutes, one minute at each of the 10 stations. 

What Should I Wear for HIIT Workout? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat-wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of motion of each exercise.  

Cross Training Gym Shoes. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you press, pull, and push your way through all 10 stations. 

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate, my friend! Make sure you have plenty of water with you, and keep it at the side of the turf, within easy reach. Also, pack a towel in your gym bag to catch your sweat, as you will be glowing after that first round! Most importantly, bring a great attitude and smile to share. 

person in HIIT class

What Types of Small Group Training Classes Are Available?  


Challenge your strength and cardio endurance in the HIIT Zone with 4 rotations through 4 customized “quads”. Each quad consists of hardcore exercises and tough timing splits designed to take your HIIT training to a whole new level. This 75-minute ultra-tough workout is a heavy hitter! 


Torch calories and push your workout into overdrive in this 45-minute advanced high-intensity training class utilizing the turf and HIIT unit. Get your heart racing and body moving with rounds of intense cardio followed by brief rest periods. Push your limits and focus on all-out cardio efforts in this workout guaranteed to leave you dripping in sweat. 

Badass Bootcamp.

Become the Badass you are in this awesome workout guaranteed to get you working up a sweat and pushing past your comfort zone. The fitness and resistance circuit training class is designed to work the entire body, head to toe, and leave you feeling confident and accomplished. 


Battle HIIT Out.

Enter the ultimate HIIT battleground. Work in teams of two as you compete WITH your partner to perform the maximum number of reps at each station. Get ready for turf battle rounds where you face off in reaction drills to bring home the bragging rights in this all in, all-out battleground workout! 


If you BUILD HIIT, your fitness level will skyrocket! BUILD HIIT is designed to build your fitness foundation and take your abilities to the next level. This progressive workout is carefully designed to improve strength, balance, VO2 Max and muscle endurance, all in just eight stations. Learn the basics in Round One, then progress the exercise in Rounds Two and test those limits in Round Three for a workout that builds your athletic capabilities, one station at a time. Cardio and Core turf drills round out this intense workout, leaving you feeling challenged but successful! 

CTC Launch Pad.

Launch into the ultimate combination of strength, cardio, and plyometric training in this signature CTC format that absolutely eclipses other workouts! In your squadron of 3, tackle three missions for three rounds designed to challenge your limits and push you into escape velocity. This extraordinary sweat fest will leave you feeling out of this world! 

Dropset HIIT.

Plan to fail in this dynamic drop set training strength-based class designed to build strength and maximum muscle in no time! Run the rack for each exercise, then prep for the next station with a core set to strengthen and stabilize your midsection. GET PUMPED! 


Channel your inner athlete and step up to the extreme challenge in this jam-packed, heavy-hitting workout that focuses on strength, cardio, and endurance. Push your limits and focus on getting your heart racing and body moving utilizing a unique combination of station, turf and core work designed to push your workout into overdrive. This class is designed for participants looking for a hard-hitting, sweat-producing, EXTREME workout. 

Fight Round.

Train like a fighter using MMA-inspired moves that will get you ready to kick ass. This signature program uses all stations of the Combative Training Center with a special focus on the heavy bags. 

Heavy Metal HIIT.

Put the pedal to the METAL in this rockin’ high intensity interval training (HIIT) class designed to take you from roadie to rockstar. Work your way through a TOUR of our HIITZone completing sets of HEAVY METAL lifts, then hit the STAGE (turf) for various cardio-driven rounds. Are you ready to ROCK & ROLL? 

Jump Start.

Jump Start is an intense total-body workout designed for all fitness levels. Improve athleticism, boost metabolism, and increase fat-burning while getting acclimated to training on the Combative Training Center.  

people in group fitness classes

Line HIIT Up.

Tear it up on the turf! Work speed, agility, power, and endurance using unique drills, each with a distinct challenge. Perfect for BOTH beginners and badasses, this class teams you with a fabulous foursome to work each line drill on the turf, from start to finish! You’ll see the results line up with this dynamic workout! 

Muscle Maker.

Muscle Maker utilizes precise movements with focus on form and technique. You’ll build upper and lower body strength by challenging multiple muscle groups at once. Strength and power never looked so good. Strength and power never looked so good! 


Get ready for a fight! This hard-hitting workout features fight moves and athletic conditioning inspired by the worlds of mixed martial arts and boxing. Get ready to punch, jump, lift, and slam your way into fighting shape.  


Get the pump of your life with this hypertrophy workout. Based on traditional splits of Push, Pull, and Legs, this hardcore class will leave you feeling ripped! Each station focuses on time under tension to increase your muscular strength and endurance, then finishes strong with a mix of isometric drills on the turf. You’ll feel the burn for days!  


Step onto the turf for this sizzling hot workout using four diverse training styles designed to challenge your strength, cardio, endurance, and agility. Upper and lower body work efforts mixed with burnout challenges deliver scorching hot results. Turn up the heat and sizzle! 


Get ready to SLAM your way through a one-of-a-kind total body workout. Use MAX and MINI work efforts to challenge both your mind and body as you push, pull, drag, and slam your way to success. Focusing on strength, power and speed, this unique workout incorporates dedicated slam sets between station work. Designed to push you to the max, Slam HIIT delivers serious results fast.  


Enter the eye of the storm in this hardcore HIITZone workout that brings thunder and lightning rounds to amp up your workout. Test your endurance, strength and will. Each exercise amps up through 5 level changes to push your limits at each station. Thunder and Lightning rounds rain down between each station to amp your core, challenge your speed, and rock you like a hurricane. 


StrongHIIT is a dynamic advanced high intensity interval class with a focus on building strength and endurance utilizing the custom designed HIIT4 unit. Participants will learn to utilize the HIIT4 unit along with additional stations to focus on movements and exercises designed to improve strength, balance, lung efficiency and muscular endurance. 


Tap into the power of a proven bodybuilding technique and build strength like never before. Superset HIIT maximizes the workout by pairing exercises back-to-back “Supersets” to sculpt the body and get results, fast. Superset is a full body workout that will take your strength to a superhuman level while incorporating a “super strength” challenge at all 5 stations. 


Mix up your HIIT workout as you switch between long circuits utilizing the HIIT 4 Unit and short circuits consisting of plyometric and core work on the Turf. Switching between long and short circuits makes for one kick-butt, heart-pumping and sweat-dripping workout. Switch HIIT is a workout in a league of its own. Are you ready to make the Switch? 

Tabata 20-2.

Push your body into overdrive in this high intensity training workout on the Combative Training Center. Tabata 20-2 utilizes 20 seconds of grueling work followed by a 10 second rest featuring 10 dynamic stations designed to deliver extreme results for a total body transformation. 


Fast and furious! Take advantage of Tabata timing for the ultimate HIIT workout! Whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, build muscle, or improve flexibility, TabataHIIT will get you there. This 6-station, 8-round team-based class is designed to stimulate your metabolism, improving speed and endurance, working on the HIIT 4 unit for one round and on the turf for the next! 

The CTC Combine.

Become one of the league’s best prospects in this workout designed to prepare you to become a future Hall of Famer! Train with a teammate: work your strength and endurance at the power stations, then switch to skills with agility and speed work. Challenge your footwork and responsiveness with training day and reflex response drills to spike your heart rate and spark mental sharpness. Complete your training with the ultimate test of your overall fitness, speed, agility, strength, and endurance: THE COMBINE. 

Tough HIIT Out.

Tough HIIT Out in this challenging strength-based workout that mixes increasing strength sets with dynamic Tabata bursts to provide a 1-2 punch that will demand determination, will, and ultimate toughness to lift, push, and pull your max at each station. 


Get ready to tear up the turf with a twist in TripleHIIT! Featuring 9 stations organized within 3 pods each containing 3 exercises, this high intensity workout will be sure to get you fitter than ever! Between each pod, participants will work as a team to complete 3 core-shredding exercises for 3 minutes on the turf. 3 X 3 = Triple the sweat and triple the fun! 

Ultimate Challenge.

Are you up for the Ultimate Challenge? Test your skills and strength in this grueling CTC workout designed to challenge even the most seasoned athlete. Prove your will and endurance at each station with extreme 1-minute work efforts. Keep track of your reps at each station with the goal of improving your score each week. 


Get your heart pumping in this fast and furious cardio-based format designed to activate your agility, challenge your endurance, and supercharge your speed. Zip through station-based work paired with bodyweight plyometric drills, then sprint through turf drills and core stability challenges designed to make you feel powerful, energized, and lightning fast. 

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