Fat- Burning Pilates

Fat- Burning Pilates

April 15, 2024

Energizing and empowering, this barefoot class is designed to burn calories, and shape and tone your entire body.  This is a fusion workout of ballet, rhythmic movement and Pilates. Fat-Burning Pilates incorporates the foundations of the six Pilates principles: Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, and Flow. Participants tap into an intentional, mind-body approach to movement, guaranteeing maximum results. 

Why Try Fat-Burning Pilates? 

Fat-Burning Pilates is the perfect introduction to a multitude of disciplines that work cardio, flexibility, strength, and above all, core conditioning.  This unintimidating, fiercely fun format is accessible to everyone.  All you need is a mat and an open mind! 

What Is Fat-Burning Pilates Like? 

Fat-Burning Pilates is a fusion of fun. The class starts with dance-based cardio to elevate the heart rate, burn calories and improve cardiovascular fitness. Standing Pilates-based exercises are performed in between the cardio sections. Then, drop it low to the mat and finish with traditional Pilates-based mat exercises to strengthen and shred the core.  

Who Are Fat-Burning Pilates Classes Best For? 

Fat- Burning Pilates is an unintimidating, fresh approach to a total body workout, blending cardiovascular training with traditional Pilates exercises. All levels of fitness are welcome! 

Is Fat-Burning Pilates a Good Workout? 

Fat-Burning Pilates strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, while engaging and strengthening the core. 

  • Strength Gains. Fat-Burning Pilates engages the entire body using a unique blend of strength- and Pilates-based moves that engage both upper and lower body muscles. The mat series draws on the strength of the extremities while simultaneously engaging the muscles of the core. 
  • Flexibility. Flexibility training, though often omitted in many fitness programs, helps prevent injury and deepens range of motion. Fat-Burning Pilates emphasizes length, precision and control throughout each exercise.  
  • Balance. Balance is essential in our everyday activities. Often a neglected component of fitness, balance is challenged through various Pilates-based exercises. Balance training improves coordination and posture.  
  • Core Strength. Core conditioning exercises are done throughout the workout. Increased core strength helps to provide a firm base of support for virtually all movements. Strength and coordination of the core muscles alleviates stress on the joints and extremities 

How Difficult is Fat-Burning Pilates? 

4/10 Fat-Burning Pilates appeals to a wide audience and can easily be adjusted for multiple skill levels. The workout is simple to learn and is a fun fresh fusion of cardio, strength, and Pilates training.  

How Long Is Fat-Burning Pilates? 

Fat-Burning Pilates is an innovative class blending ballet, rhythmic movement and Pilates wrapped up in 30 minutes of total body strength and cardio.  

What Should I Wear to Fat-Burning Pilates? 

Wear fitted clothes that offer ample coverage as you will be moving through Pilates positions both standing and seated.  Barefoot is best to help improve stability and mobility. 

What Do I Need to Bring? 

Plan to bring your own yoga mat. Yoga mats are thin sticky mats that allow you to protect your joints while you’re stretching and flowing during. Show up ready for power and exhilaration.  

What Types of Pilates/Yoga Classes Are Available?


Yin meets Yang in this yoga class serving a distinct mix of OM and HIIT. Flowing yoga sequences designed to promote strength, length, and flexibility are interlaced with high intensity interval segments to deliver a singular mind-body experience. Become a powerhouse on the mat!

Hatha Flow.

Yoga that integrates posture, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation to harmonize you on every level: body, mind and spirit. A delicious, mindful and moving class. All levels welcome. 


Become unbreakable by utilizing the power of yoga, deep stretching techniques and myofascial release. Breathe, flow and find your way to an “unbreakable body” in this class that focuses on the power of restoration. This 60-minute class will start with traditional Vinyasa flow followed by specific releases using straps, lacrosse balls and blocks. Designed to relieve your body, calm your mind and light your soul, this class is the perfect addition to preserve and protect your most valuable asset

Ultimate R&R.

We all need more self-care, more recovery, more rest to continue to be our best. Ultimate R&R provides the break your mind and body need. Take the foot off the accelerator and pump the brakes, focusing on a slower, gentler yoga flow followed by longer-held restorative poses supported by blocks, for the ultimate in rest and recovery.

Mana Flow.

Supercharge your spirit in this ultimate mind/body experience.  Mana Flow is an out-of-this world 30-minute yoga practice that focuses on the supernatural force found in everyone! Dedicated mandala flow segments alternated with superpower Mana segments utilizing Knux will leave you long, lean and lit!

True North Mandala Flow.

Travel your mat and find your true north in this centering, creative 60-minute vinyasa flow. At each directional point, explore strength, balance, core, and breath for a fully-rounded discovery of the self and a sense of balance for both mind and body. 

Loaded Yoga.

Take your yoga practice to the next level in this unique class that combines flexibility and strength. This unique class links the mind and body in a totally different way delivering a challenge to remember. Start by introducing a sequence of poses “UNLOADED” with no weights and then take it to the next level as you “LOAD” the same sequence for a challenge that demands control from both the mind and body. 


Discover your body from the inside out in this welcoming, accessible yoga fundamentals practice. Not flexible? Perfect! That just means you’ll experience the benefits that much more quickly! Learn how to explore your edge using your breath to increase strength, balance, focus, and recovery. Held in a gently heated room, this class focuses on powerful standing and balancing postures, then grounded, seated, and reclining postures that challenge you from head to toe and leave you feeling relaxed and empowered. 

Hot Yoga: FLOW.

Designed to keep you moving through thoughtfully sequenced patterns, this heated Vinyasa flow class will take your yoga experience to the next level. Taught in blocks, Flow alternates a slow sequence of yoga postures with the same pattern at an increased pace to provide a unique mind-body experience. Beautiful movements along with music that enhances the class experience will leave your mind in flight as your body flows through this unique yoga practice.  

Hot Yoga: FIERCE.

Take your yoga practice to the next level in this unique class that combines athletic movement, power yoga and balance challenges. This unique class links the mind and body in a totally different way, delivering a challenge to remember. Start seated on the mat and then transition to a vigorous standing flow. Special “fire it up” challenges inserted throughout the workout are designed to challenge both your mind and body. This one-of-a-kind yoga class will leave you with a fierce attitude and a fit body

ReFORM Pilates.

ReFORM your body from the inside out with this innovative mind/body-based class featuring the Slastix by Stroops. Pull, push, press, hold and release your way through a fun fusion of Pilates mat, Reformer, and fitness-based exercises that power up your powerhouse, leaving your entire body incredibly strong and lean! 

Float-Flow in Motion.

Get strong from the inside out with this mind body based class that features the Slastix by Stroops to maximize your workout potential. The Slastix will challenge stability and balance as well as strength and endurance forcing the core muscles to work the entire time. This fusion class has elements of Standing Pilates, Fitness and Pilates Mat with a fun beat that will get you sweaty and always coming back for more!

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