All-Out Athlete

All-Out Athlete

March 2, 2024

Take your workout to new heights utilizing state of the art equipment with the Slastix and the Resistance Runner, both designed by Stroops. Release your inner athlete, building endurance and strength while alternating between Strength and Cardio intervals. 

Why Try All-Out Athlete ? 

All-Out Athlete is a nonstop class designed to keep you moving in 50-second rounds, alternating cardio and endurance. Get revved up using the Resistance Runner for cardio and build phenomenal strength utilizing the Slastix at different anchor points on a steel spine, to claim your title of All-Out Athlete. 

What Is All-Out Athlete Like? 

On your mark, get set, let’s go, athletes!  You’re packed and stacked with Slastix along with the resistance runner to serve up bungee-based cardio training and build upper-body strength. 50-second drills alternate between cardio and strength exercises.  Functional training and sports-specific drills that accentuate your athleticism are primary players in this fast-paced and fun class.   

Who Are All-Out Athlete Classes Best For? 

Everyone’s an athlete in All-Out Athlete! All levels of fitness are welcome in this innovative total body strength and cardio workout with easy-to-follow athletic drills. Options are available to scale exercises so both rookie exercisers and workout warriors will feel empowered and challenged.  

woman doing box jumps

Is All-Out Athlete a Good Workout?   

All-Out Athlete uses Slastix and the Resistance Runner as training tools to provide resistance in multiple directions, which allows the participants to perform a variety of functional as well as sports-specific movements. Using these unique bands prevents the use of momentum throughout the exercise and provides constant tension on targeted muscles throughout the entire range of motion. The focus is on control throughout the entire exercise, which improves strength, coordination, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. 

  • Strength. Resistance bands can strengthen muscles by increasing the time they spend under tension. Working under tension throughout the entire movement recruits more muscle fibers to maintain stability, creating more strength! 
  • Control and Coordination. Resistance bands can be pushed and pulled in nearly any direction without relying on gravity for resistance, so you’ll develop a degree of motor control and coordination, which can prevent injury as well. 
  • Core Stability. Controlling the motion through resistance of the bands requires good core strength. As the band stretches farther, the resistance increases. You must use core strength to stabilize yourself and control the movement. 
  • Cardiovascular Benefits. Cardiovascular training using the Resisted Runner helps improve acceleration through progressive resistance. As the band stretches farther in a cardio drill, the resistance increases. This progressive resistance promotes harder work to reach the end of the sprint, raising the heart rate. 

How Difficult is All-Out Athlete? 

6/10 All fitness levels can accomplish simple athletic drills and exercises. The All-Out Athlete class format allows for the intensity to be determined by the participant, their individual range of motion and speed. Beginner AND Beast modes are welcome here! 

How Long Is All-Out Athlete? 

In All-Out Athlete, 30 minutes of cardio drills alternating with strength sets to deliver intense, athletic fun.    

What Should I Wear to All-Out Athlete? 

Come ready to play. Typically, people wear sweat-wicking clothing that will offer ample coverage and will stay put and allow you to move with ease throughout the range of motion of exercises.  

Cross Training Gym Shoes.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that offer support and stability as you sprint, leap and lunge during class.   

What do I need to Bring? 

Hydrate, my friend! Make sure you have plenty of water with you.  Also, pop a towel in your gym bag to catch your sweat, as you will be dripping and glistening. Most importantly, bring a great attitude and smile to share. 

woman in abs classes

What Types of Classes Are Available?

30 IN 30.

The ultimate challenge…30 exercises in 30 minutes. This class provides the ultimate cardio, strength and power workout. Blaze through this signature workout that incorporates individual stations & a special station for teamwork. Can you complete 30 in 30? 

30-Second Solution.

Find your 30-Second Solution to success! Work through single, double and triple stacks of exercises with a partner in this singular fitness solution that challenges your body in a flurry of 30-second work segments. Designed as a total body workout encompassing cardio, core, strength and mobility, this 45-minute class packs a punch. Blaze through four blocks of SUPER STACKS and finish feeling invincible with your new favorite workout solution!  

All Out Athlete.

Take your workout to new heights utilizing state of the art equipment with the Slastix and the Resistance Runner designed by Stroops. Release your inner athlete building endurance and strength alternating between Strength and Cardio intervals. 

B30 Body.

Transform your body and see results quickly in this exclusive barbell based hard core strength workout. Push, pull and lift your way to extreme results. Crush your goals in no time with a mix of both upper and lower body work mixed with challenging core segments designed to rev your metabolism and transform your body! 

Bodyweb Circuit w TRX.

This circuit training class uses the TRX® and dumbbells to combine strength, balance and cardio for one kick-butt workout. Partner up and cycle through stations, all done to timed intervals to keep you on your toes 

Cardio Tai Box.

A high energy: high impact blend of kicks and punches set to upbeat music. The perfect combination of martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training. 

Cardio Sculpt.

Experience nonstop body sculpting paired with heart-pumping cardio. Cardio Sculpt features upper and lower body strength training segments alternated with high-intensity cardio bursts designed to deliver a spectacular total body workout 


person doing HIIT

Fat -Burning Pilates. 

Calorie burning cardio and Pilates based toning combine to maximize your fat burning potential. This is a fusion workout of ballet, rhythmic movement and Pilates to shape your entire body and leave you empowered and energized. 


Take your workout to new heights as you layer stack upon stack of cardio and weight exercises. Build your way to the top of the pyramid with increasing time and exercise intensity along the way and prepare to dig deep to work your way back down. Let’s see how you Stack up. 

Work the Room. 

In this jam-packed, wall-to-wall workout, you will Work the Room, exploring every inch of the studio and every piece of equipment available! Push your limits as a team at each station using a variety of equipment and a wide range of strength, cardio, core, and athletic drills. Each successive round of work drops in time but increases in intensity. Help your team push itself to new heights! Work the Room and crush some serious fitness goals! 

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