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treadmills in a gym
Crunch, a Perfect Fit For All
What aspects should I consider before joining a Gym or... Read More
people in a yoga class
5 Types of Yoga Classes—Available Exclusively at Crunch
Whether you’re interested in a physically demanding yoga class or... Read More
woman boxing with a Personal trainer
Do You Lack Motivation in Personal Fitness?
Do you need more motivation in personal fitness? Group fitness... Read More
women in a group fitness class
The Good and Bad of Group Exercising
Group Exercising can be a positive thing for your routine,... Read More
people doing yoga
The Wonders of Hot Yoga
Explore hot yoga as a potential addition to your fitness... Read More
women in group fitness
5 Group Fitness Formats for People Looking to Build Muscles!
Is your goal aesthetic or performance?” Once we have a... Read More
people ina workout class
Is One Group Exercise Class Enough?
This piece aims to provide readers with guidelines and considerations... Read More
man using trx
5 Low Impact Group Fitness Classes perfect for newbies & veteran gym goers
Low-impact exercises are great for people who are new to... Read More
women doing dynamic stretches
The Most Effective Cardio Workouts
Each individual has many cardio forms, from running to dancing,... Read More
people in a dance class
The Best HIIT Workouts for All Fitness Levels
High-intensity interval training is one of the best ways to... Read More
women in group fitness classes
Exploring The Most Popular Group Exercise Classes
Each group fitness class has a certain level of popularity... Read More
women on treadmill
Intensity Levels Of Group Fitness Classes
Did you know that there are different intensity levels for... Read More
Women on a bike
Discovering The Most Fun Group Exercise Classes
Every group fitness class has a unique element that makes... Read More
Students in college
Gym memberships and college
Have you ever wondered who has the best college discounts?... Read More
men in group fitness
Why Men Are Afraid of Group Fitness
“Looks like fun – I bet I could do that,... Read More
People doing aerial yoga
The Wonders of Group Exercise Classes
Group exercises bring a lot of benefits physically and mentally... Read More