Q.What are the financial requirements for a Crunch Franchise?
A.Requirements are to have at least 1 million in net worth and $200K-$300K liquid capital to be eligible for additional financing if needed.
Q.How much money can I make?
A.We don’t provide earnings claims, but profitability will vary based on certain factors: your lease, operating costs, financing, sales volume, overhead control and other factors. We can’t predict sales or profits for any new locations. The best opportunity is for you to discuss these questions with our existing franchisees.
Q.What is the total estimated cost to open a Crunch?
A.There are 3 major components in the estimated cost. First, build out costs can range from $500 - $800k. Second, equipment can range from $500-$600k. Third, soft costs range from $200-$300k.
Q.How much is a Crunch Franchise membership?
A.Our Base membership is $9.95. We provide our members with state of the art equipment, access to Class-ic Training classes, free access to our online fitness and nutrition program, and a free introductory personal training session. Our Peak membership is $19.95. For a few dollars more, members get all the value of the base membership plus free unlimited guest passes, free access to other franchise clubs, plus unlimited tanning and hydro massage bed.
Q.What are the monthly royalty fees that a franchisee must pay?
A.3% on monthly gross sales.
Q.What areas are available for a new Crunch franchise?
A.The availability of territories in specific areas will be discussed during your initial conversation with us.
Q.What are the size requirements for a Crunch Franchise?
A.Our locations range from 16,000 to 25,000 square feet. Our sweet spot is from 17,000 to 20,000 square feet with at least 125 parking spots available for your location.
Q.Does Crunch franchising offer financing?
A.We provide financing assistance. We will help you review your finances and recommend financing through a network of lenders.
Q.Does Crunch Franchising assist with design and outfitting of my Crunch Franchise location?
A.Yes. Once you’re a franchisee we provide you with a construction manual. This will help you build your Crunch club. We also will ask for a CAD/PDF drawing of your location so we can put together a floor plan and equipment layout for your club. Additionally, we provide a branding package that outfits your entire club to keep a consistent Crunch look, as well as architectural and construction resources if you need them.

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